Kitt & Spaene
KITT and SPAENE Construction Limited

Alberta's authorized dealer and certified installer of Stretch Ceilings



  • 0001 0001 Installation of all wall or ceiling profiles (anodised Aluminum) including inside and outside corners around the perimeter of the room at desired height
  • 0002 0002 Determination of light fixture locations and installation of underconstruction and wiring slightly above future ceiling height
  • 0003 0003 Securely attach all loose wires to ceiling and making sure that lights are working before proceeding with the DPS - stretch ceiling installation
  • 0004 0004 Gentle unfolding of ceiling under supply of heat and hanging it into room to get material warmed up and ready for installation
  • 0005 0005 After achieving a certain edging flexibility, the installation with special hand tools can begin
  • 0006 0006 Starting with all inside corners first, the outside corners next and then everything in between in specific order
  • 0007 0007 The installation of the "last stretch"
  • 0008 0008 A look of the installed ceiling with all low voltage light fixtures and ceiling utilities, such as an ultra silent fan/vent and heat recovery
  • 0009 0009 The finished bathroom