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Success Stories

"Recently I had my basement developed by Ronny Pach and his company, who by the way did an excellent job.

"Ronny introduced me to a unique product for the ceiling. It was not much more cost-wise than a drywalled ceiling, is easy to care for, and is stunning. It comes in various colors and sheens and any pattern that you want. The ceiling in the Rec room is two colors and two different sheens matching the color scheme I chose. I allowed Ronny to choose the pattern that he thought would be the best look and I was amazed by the end result. The bathroom is done in a solid black shiny finish and is even more dramatic than the Rec room, you can actually see yourself like in a mirror. I have had many friends and family look at the product and all are equally amazed. Also the product allows you to put in Puck type lights that make it even more stunning. Think about this product it is easy, clean and will enhance the look of your home."

— Randy Mitton

"Ronny Pach renovated our kitchen about 2 years ago. We were so impressed with his work and his professionalism, we asked him to renovate our upstairs bathroom this year.

"During the planning of the renovation, Ronny spoke about a product he installs called Stretch Ceiling. After seeing pictures of this product, we decided to ask Ronny to install a Stretch Ceiling in our bathroom. This product is amazing and comes in almost any configuration and colour or combination of colours. We chose a black ceiling. The installation was quick, clean and the results are spectacular. The ceiling is very reflective and gives the impression of a room twice its height. There are pot lights and a ceiling fan attached to the ceiling as well. If you've never considered this type of ceiling, or didn't know it even existed, talk to Ronny about it. I am confident you'll be as impressed as we are. Everyone who has come over to see our new bathroom are immediately in awe of our ceiling as well as the rest of the work Ronny completed for us."

— Charles Maisonneuve

"I am pleased to confirm my family's complete satisfaction with our new stretch ceiling, as installed by Kitt & Spaene Construction. Kitt & Spaene has done a wide range of work for me during the past several years, and I could be considered a knowledgeable, demanding (but reasonable & fair) customer. We have always been thrilled with the work performed by Ron Pach!

"During the recent renovation of one of our bathrooms, Ron mentioned this new European product; explaining that it would be installed quickly, quietly and without mess. Pricing? On par with a standard drywall ceiling. I then spent some time with Ron confirming that the look would be unique, with a wide range of colour & finish options. It was an easy decision!

"I feel that this product should be considered largely based upon the final, installed look - with invisible edges and incorporated lighting/ fan trims. The fact that it is affordable, quick and goes up without mess (think drywall - dust!), makes it a 'no-brainer'! "

— Tim James